Saturday, January 31, 2015

Two Pairs....Day 31 of Bond 365

I have been writing most of today and I’m finding I’m about to hit my quota for getting words to link coherently together. But, I’m checking in for day 31 and can you believe, it is the last day of January already? 

One observation I have in doing these posts each day is how little information there sometimes is on a person. Jacqueline Saltzman is a perfect example. I could not find a date of marriage nor her maiden name. If the details are sketchy, then I can usually figure that finding a picture will also be tough. It makes me feel a bit sad for the person.

Without further adieu, here's Saturday group: 

Patrick Holt

Patrick Holt
Born this day in 1912
Group Captain Dawson in Thunderball

He was a real life secret agent during World War II where he went behind enemy lines for secret army missions, so a real life James Bond. He had been an actor prior to the war and afterwards, he returned to acting where he became a leading man for the 1950s films. But he shifted to character acting, which allowed him to continue acting in a career that spanned half a century!

Stanley Kubrick and Sylvester
William Sylvester
Born this day in 1922
Pentagon Official in You Only Live Twice

You know, it makes it hard on me when a person shows up twice in one month and within a few days of each other! So you might just remember William Sylvester, who featured back on the January 25. I still like the picture of Sylvester with Kubrick on the set of 2001: A Space Odyssey

Daniela Bianchi & Sean Connery

Daniela Bianchi
Born this day in 1942
Tatiana Romanova in From Russia With Love

Daniela Bianchi is a beautiful woman and I serious wish she would show up at an autograph collector’s show. She is the youngest woman to play a leading Bond girl according to Wikipedia. She starred opposite the Connery brothers: Sean Connery in From Russia With Love and Neil Connery in OK Connery (1967), a Bond spoof. Her voice was dubbed in both films because of her heavy Italian accent. Although I did not see the spoof, I did see Bianchi in Missione speciale Lady Chaplin (1966) in which she plays an agent pretending to be a double agent and her cover is a fashion designer/owner. Talk about being a "modern woman" when the second wave of feminism was gaining momentum. I think she got to stretch her acting because she carried the movie and the leading man, who was also an agent. The movie had a decent budget, so the production value is high. I definitely recommend it.

Bianchi did one American production and that was Dr. Kildare, which starred a very young Richard Chamberlain. She starred opposite Chamberlain in the three-part story titled “ Rome Will Never Leave You.”

The Saltzmans
Jacqueline Saltzman
Passed away this day in 1980
Woman on train in From Russia With Love

Born in Bucharest, Romania, Jacqueline Saltzman was a refugee from her native country at the end of World War II. She was living in Paris where she and Harry Saltzman met. They married, however I could not find a marriage date and very little information about Jacqueline herself. 

She was a supporting character in From Russia with Love, her only IMDB credit, however she will always be remembered as having lent her name to the company name of Danjaq. 

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