Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween! It's Going to be a Bond Weekend!

Just a quick post as I get ready to head off the Los Angeles to attend Comikaze this weekend. There are a couple of Bond related panels at the con that I wanted to share if you are going:

At 6 PM this evening in Room 408AB, there's the The Battle of the Bonds...James Bond.

Here's the description from the program:

Following the Success of Battle of the Robins and Battles of the Doctors, Battle of returns with the world's greatest secret agent. But which one is truly the greatest Bond ever? Participants include: Jessica Tseang, Vito Lappicola, Zack Beseda, Steven Jay Rubin - yay! the author of The James Bond Films: A Behind the Scenes History and The Complete James Bond Encyclopedia - Dr. Travis Langley, and George Almond (American illustrator of Ian Fleming art).

And, tomorrow at 12:30 PM in Room 306AB, there's 50 Years of James Bond - How Did He Become a Legend?

Program description: Although 50 years has passed, our favorite British secret service agent has still remained relevant in our times. Join us in a spirited panel discussion with scholars Ian Fleming society leaders, authors, and professors on their perception on why James Bond is just as popular today as he was over 50 years ago. Participants include: Jessica Tseang, George Almond, Steven Jay Rubin, and Dr. Travis Langley.

I'll be attending or both, so perhaps I'll see you there...

The last note, if you have been following about my upcoming book, then if you haven't pre-ordered your copy yet, now's the time to do so. McFarland & Company has featured my upcoming book with a special offer: 20% off now through Sunday, November 2nd. That's a gun shot $8 off!

Have a fantastic spooky day and fill your weekend with some Bond. James Bond!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Call for Proposals -- Don't Miss Out Talking About Bond and All Things Spy

Dusk, Albuquerque Skyline (Marble Studios)
I am reprising my position as the James Bond, Espionage and Eurospy Area Chair for the upcoming Southwest Popular/American Culture Association's annual conference held next February, 11 - 14 at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I'm seeking proposals from individuals who are interested in presenting on any aspect of the James Bond franchise and the spy/espionage and Europsy genre in films, literature, comics, videogames, or any other popular culture mediums.

Here are some topics to consider, but is by no means an exhaustive list of theoretical and pop culture frameworks: 

  • Spy/espionage – historical context
  • Secret agents – global representations and local identities
  • Refashioning and ret-con of the spy model
  • Cold War, post-modern and 21st century spy psychology
  • Gender, i.e. Bond-sploitation
  • Film: James Bond, Jason Bourne, Helm, Agent Vinod, Salt, Agent 077, Kommisar X, OSS 117
  • Television: The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Get Smart, Chuck, MI5, Burn Notice, She Spies, Cover Up
  • Literature: Fleming, Bruce, Gardner, Benson, Hamilton, Weinberg, Higson, Ludlum, LeCarre
  • Comics: X-9 Corrigan, Super Spy, Danger Girl, The Secret Service
  • Cartoons: Archer, James Bond Jr., Totally Spies!,
  • Anime: Najica Blitz Tactics, Golgo 13, Gunslinger Girl, Darker Than Black, Master Keaton
  • Videogames: GoldenEye, 007 Legends, Alpha Protocol, No One Lives Forever, Splinter Cell
  • Anti-Bond: The Quiller Memorandum, The Ipcress File, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Liquidator
  • Music, Fashion, Advertisements, etc. 

Life Magazine "Spies" (Tumblr)
Please note the following presentation details:

  • Please send a 250 word abstract and the presentation title by November 1, 2014 via the online submission database portal
  • Presentation time consideration: 15 min maximum. Limit of one presentation at the conference. A complete list of all areas accepting proposals can be found here
  • There are no honorariums for presenters; this is an academic conference. There are, however, a number of award opportunities for graduate students. The submission deadline is December 1, 2014. 
  • And, SWPACA has a peer-reviewed journal, Dialogue: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Popular Culture and Pedagogy. For more information on the journal, click here

I have attended this conference for a number of years and I feel that while it is a smaller conference, it fosters a supportive environment for those new to presenting but is also a great opportunity for vetting out ideas. The organizers schedule many events for conference attendees including film screenings and a special Saturday event. Last year, it was a tour of Breaking Bad locations around Albuquerque.

If you are still unsure or have any questions, contact me and I can provide you more information or point you in the right direction.