Monday, January 12, 2015

It's a Golden Day, Day 12 of Bond 365

Since starting Bond 365 at the beginning of the year, this will be the first day in which I am writing about someone that I met at one of the autograph collector's shows that I have been attending for about the past five or so years. I usually feel a bit hesitant about meeting celebrities, but I have to say that with everyone I have met over the years, there has only been a couple of individuals I have met that were not all that friendly. But honestly, the overwhelming majority have been genuine friendly and engaging.

Shirley Eaton
Born January 12, 1937
Jill Masterson in Goldfinger

Ms. Eaton's golden body draped over the bed has got to be the second most iconic image from the Bond films (the first being Honey Ryder walking out of the waves) and has been duplicated in Quantum of Solace (Strawberry Fields was in oil) as well as in the 007 Legends video game, just to name a few.

Well, I got to meet Ms. Eaton at a Hollywood Collector's Show back in October 2013. The show was doing a Bond reunion, the second "official" one that I had attended. This time, thanks to my beau, I was the proud owner of the Taschen James Bond Archives book and anxious to gather lots of autographs in my book. There were plenty of Bond alum there (read my blog), including Ms. Shirley Eaton.

Ms. Eaton was quite charming and lovely, as all the Bond ladies that we met that Saturday. Because of her very famous cinematic moment, the Taschen book had dedicated a few pages discussing the shot and the process of painting Ms. Eaton. I do not remember well what we chatted about, but I do recall her enjoying the book, which for some of the celebrities, they had not seen the book yet. Anyway, here's a shot of Ms. Eaton's autograph.

Happy birthday Ms. Eaton!

The lovely Ms. Shirley Eaton being prepared for her famous scene, a page from the Taschen book

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