Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Lucky 13 of Bond 365

I am finally on the mend after several days being beat down by a cold. Here’s today lucky 13…

Henry Richardson
Born January 13, 1936
Editor for Octopussy and A View to a Kill

It is rather unfortunate that if you are not in front the camera, you are not likely to be sought out for a photo op and/or interviews. Yet, having created some short videos in the past, I can attest to the exacting nature of editing. I think the longer project I have edited has been about 15 minutes. I have usually shot about an hour’s worth of footage per five minutes, which is a drop in the bucket in comparison to a feature length film.

Richardson and Peter Davies edited Octopussy, a 131 minute feature, so just figure how much footage they had to go through to get to just over two hours. And that is prior to Final Cut Pro! Richardson provided additional editing to A View to a Kill that just happens to have also been 131 minutes long too. What a sense of accomplishment it be at the end of the process and to see the fruits of one’s efforts on the big screen. And both films did well at the box office.

David Wong, Actor and Martial Arts Expert

David Wong
Born January 13, 1961
Shanghai Art Collector in Skyfall

Welsh actor and martial arts expert, Wong has said of his role as Shanghai Art Collector in the 23rd Bond film, Skyfall, “Any role, no matter how small, is a privilege when you are taking part in a James Bond movie. It is THE biggest movie franchise out there and I thoroughly enjoyed my time on set.” I would take any role in order to be part of this franchise too!

When he isn’t on a set, he’s giving back to his community via his Sen Martial Arts Academy. Here’s a nice blog spotlighting Wong.

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