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Keeping Continuity Is All In A Day’s Work….Day 25 of Bond 365

It’s Sunday evening and pulling together this post, I got off-track looking at all the stunt photos when I was looking Dick Crockett in Google Images. I was especially struck by the stills and how difficult and dangerous many of the stunts were. If you find yourself with a little extra time, take a look for yourself.

And, it’s Sunday, so check out my round up of news, with special thanks to a few followers who have provided links to some of the articles listed – Jacob, Nick and Gus. Thanks guys!

Dick Crockett
Dick Crockett
Passed away this day in 1979
Crane Operator in Diamonds Are Forever

I was looking back at my notes for today’s post, and at first, I thought that I had mistyped that Dick Crockett portrayed a crane operator in Diamonds Are Forever.  However, as I looked through his IMDB profile, I read that he had a prolific career that spanned stunts, actor, producer, second unit/assistant director, and as other miscellaneous crew positions. He even doubled for Peter Sellers, Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, and Mickey Rooney.

Kubrick and Sylvester on set of 2001: A Space Odyssey
William Sylvester
Passed away this day in 1995
Pentagon Official in You Only Live Twice

Born in California, William Sylvester moved to England after World War II and trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. He had a staple of British roles during the 1950s and 1960s. His IMDB profile states that he was the first American to become a member of The Old Vic, a prestigious theater in London. He joined the Bond family with his role as Pentagon official in You Only Live Twice, however he will probably be best remembered as Dr. Heywood R. Floyd in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. 

Martelli (r) documenting script on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang set
Angela Martelli
Passed away this day in 1995
Continuity for You Only Live Twice

Starting in a position that used to be referred to in the credits as ‘script girl’ Angela Martelli began a career overseeing continuity in 1940 with Lady in Distress that concluded with Superman (1978). Supervising continuity is exactly as the title implies: maintaining notes about the daily filming progress and ensure that errors in the continuity during filming does not happen (and ultimately end up in the IMDB profile as a goof).

Example of continuity log from an Elvis film

“Your continuity girl is always right about screen directions, jumping the axis and that sort of stuff. Don’t fight her. Bring her flowers.” – Wim Wenders (from Script Supervisor)

And the weekly round-up of Bond and spy related news this week: 

01/16 – If you are going to be attending the Berlin Film Festival in February, you’ll have an opportunity to see a newly restored Goldfinger on the silver screen – how exciting! 

01/17 – The poster that almost was….created by Boris Vallejo? Cracked reports that the Never Say Never Again could have been hyper-masculinized and adored with a huge skull. I kid you not. Take a look. 

01/18 – A Guardian article reports that MI5 is looking for a new group of spies, who don’t mind sitting for long periods of time as mobile surveillance officers. It’s the latest drive by the domestic organization to recruit individuals interested in doing their part to serve and protect their country. The annual salary is listed as £31,000.

01/19 – James Bond franchise got a comment in the honorable mention section of this article about the Top Five Geek Questions. 

01/19 – Are you ready for Licence Expired: The Unauthorized James Bond? Well, guess what happens when a copyright expires. I’m hoping I can get a copy! 

01/24 – Television provides a second career path for retired spies according to Washington Post article by Ian Shapira with such shows as The Americans, State of Affairs and Covert Affairs.

All images found through Google Images. 

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