Monday, January 26, 2015

Nightfire....Day 26 of Bond 365

While much of the eastern seaboard is rocked by winter storms, SoCal is getting some light rain. We need it and with a temperature around 70 degrees, it really is a pleasant rain. This week I’m working on a short story to submit for consideration for an anthology. It’s the first time I’m actually putting my fiction writing out there for possible rejection. I can say that I am having fun writing this story, so even if my story does not get selected, I have a silver lining….

Ian Abercrombie (Google Images)
Ian Abercrombie
Passed away this day in 2012
Voice of Alexander Mayhew in 007: Nightfire (video game)

Ian Abercrombie had a recognizable face and an infectious smile. Like many of the others I have featured on Bond 365, Abercrombie was born in England. Growing up during World War II, he worked on the stage during his teens and moved to the US when he was 17. Two years later he was acting with Jason Robards in Stalag 17. Although he continued to work in film, he found steady work guest appearing on several popular American television shows. Of course, he was probably best remember as Mr. Pitt in the comedic show, Seinfeld. In all, his career included 183 credits spanning 1955 to his death in 2012.

He joined the Bond family in 2002 when he lent his voice to the video game 007: Nightfire when he portrayed Alexander Mayhew. He joined Maxwell Caulfield (Dynasty, The Colbys) as James Bond and Samantha Eggar (The Brood, The Legend of Prince Valiant) as M. Published by Electronic Arts, the game was available on PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Microsoft Windows, and Game Boy Advance. The game received strong reviews from critics and after I watched the trailer, it seemed as though the game had all the elements that fans love about Bond: action, gadgets, pretty women, exotic locales and lots of dangerous situations for Bond to excel and look good doing it. On average, the game received 8.2 score, so it is probably no surprise that there is still a fan base for this older game. As of May last year, the game was re-released as Nightfire: Source on Steam.

As you may notice in the trailer, Pierce Brosnan joined in the later stages of development, so while his likeness was used for Bond his voice was provided by Caulfield. Here’s the game trailer for your viewing pleasure.

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