Sunday, February 1, 2015

Free Space if Playing Spyopoly....Day 32 of Bond 365

If we were playing "Spyopoly" then I believe I have landed on a "Free Space" for Day 32 of Bond 365. Since I'm still gathering names, birthdays, obituaries, events, etc. that occurred in the Bond world, I have yet to find something that happened on February 1. And, since I've had a pretty long weekend of writing, I'm feeling as though I need a Free Space tonight. However, I'm not going to leave you without anything to read.

Here's a look back at some of the news articles that were Bond and/or spy related this past week:

n.d. - Netflix will pull several Bond films today from their line up: A View to a Kill, For Your Eyes Only, From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, Live and Let Die, and Never Say Never Again (let's agree to disagree on whether this is an official Bond film, okay?).

01/24 – The Economist turns to world of James Bond for fingering spies....

01/26 – Mission Impossible 5 is pushing its release up for this coming summer rather than release around the same time as the much anticipated next installment of Star War. 

01/27 – The Americans and British have not cornered the market of spy films. There are a number of excellent Hindi spy films out there as well. Rajiv Vijayakar at Bollywood Hungama provides a 101 overview for spy enthusiasts who would like to educate themselves on what’s available and good in Bollywood. 

01/27 – Maxim article by Jared Paul Stern spotlights the glamour of Monaco where scenes from Never Say Never Again was shot. 

01/29 – The line blurs between analyst and operative as a paramilitary officer is appointed to head up the National Clandestine Services. Read more in this Washington Post article from Greg Miller.

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