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Karin Dor and Weekly Bond News....Day 53 of Bond 365

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m thinking about the busy week I have ahead of me. No rest for wicked I presume. Regardless, I hope you have a spectacular week!

Karin Dor
Karin Dor
Born this day in 1938
Helga Brandt in You Only Live Twice

Originally from Germany, Karin Dor started her acting career in Europe in 1955. The bulk of her acting credits are European films and television shows, however she did a handful of English-language films that included You Only Live Twice (1967) and Alfred Hitchcock’s Topaz (1969).

As Helga Brandt, she was the first German woman to play a Bond Girl, well a villainous SPECTRE agent (#11) who decided to sleep with Bond and kill him later. Of course Bond did not die in the plane crash that Helga arranged and consequently she failed her directive. When later confronted by Blofeld in his lair, her “boss” tells Blofeld he had given her strict orders to kill Bond. She thought she had killed him anyway. As she walks away from Blofeld’s desk, he triggers the release on the bridge she is walking across, dropping her into a tank of piranha. What an awful way to go!

And, now, what news came up about Bond this past week?

02/17 – Listen up ladies! 007 fragrances has created a perfume for the modern Bond Girl. The beautiful Caterina Murino, Solange in Casino Royale (2006), is the face of the new scent, which combines spicy black pepper and rose milk in a multi-faceted cut black bottle simply titled 007 for Women. For the lucky UK ladies, you can nip around to your local Boots, The Fragrance Shop, The Perfume Shop, Debenhams for this new eau de parfum. The fragrance will eventually be available elsewhere.

02/17 – The Hollywood Reporter’s Rebecca Ford reported that another injury has plagued Spectre. This time it was Terry Madden, second unit assistant director, who was injured when a camera truck crashed into a barn. Madden has been part of the Bond crew for every film since For Your Eyes Only (1981).

02/17 – AutoBlog posted a video of the new Aston Martin DB10 in action on the set of Spectre at the gorgeous Blenheim Palace. While I love the sleek, smooth lines of the DB10 from the side shoots, I am just not sold on the front with a single blocky bummer/grill section nor the blunted rear end, which are too modern for my taste.

The second video shows the Range Rover Sport SVR and Land Rover Defender. The location is stunning, but give me a sweet sports car any day! Red or silver please!

Bond Girl Monica Bellucci and Daniel Craig at the Forum

02/19 – Daniel Craig and Monica Bellucci were photographed overlooking the ruins of the Forum in Rome this past week.

02/21 – BBC News reported James Bond production designer Anna Pinnock has been given a few days off from Spectre so she can attend the Academy Awards this evening. Pinnock has been nominated twice in the same category for The Grand Budapest Hotel and Into the Woods.

It is not the first time Pinnock has been in this situation. In 2013, her work on Life of Pi and Skyfall were nominated for a BAFTA, however she went home without an award. This is her fourth and fifth nomination in her 30-year career.

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