Monday, February 9, 2015

Don't Say Never! ....Day 40 of Bond 365

Happy Monday and we are up to Day 40 of Bond 365. Today, we have Milos Kirek who played Kovacs in Never Say Never Again. And, as promised in yesterday’s post, a weekly round up of Bond and spy related news. Enjoy!

Milos Kirek
Milos Kirek
Passed away this day in 1993
Kovacs in Never Say Never Again

Milos Kirek was 46 when passed away in 1993. He had 40 acting credits to his name, starting in 1971 as Jan in the television series A Family at War, a World War II period show out of the UK. Most of his work was on the small screen, but occasionally he did break out to the silver screen. When he did, he worked with Sidney Poitier in A Warm December (1973), with Sam Neill in The Final Conflict (1981) and with Sean Connery in Never Say Never Again (1983). According to IMDB, his last role was in a television movie called Under Cover (1991) in which he played Boris.

Unfortunately, there was little else mentioned for Kirek.

And, now for the weekly round up of news about James Bond and spy stuff.

n.d.: Over at YouTube, Distinguished Spirits as started a wonderful little series called Cocktails and Pussy Galore. Started right around the beginning of 2015, this guy knows his way around the home bar and is exploring the some of the drinks found in the Ian Fleming’s books. There are five episodes so far and well worth a look. Seriously, click on Distinguished Spirits and check it out. If you only check out one link from this list, make it this one! 

Double Agent Shoes
01/30: Listen up ladies! Fashionable Geek reported there’s a new shoe in town from Double Agent Shoes. For the female agent who needs a place to stash her important spy gear, these high heel secret compartment shoes are a must! They come in black, white and with color straps to give your outfit that all-important bling of color! Shoes run anywhere from $165 to $225 – just check that you can expense them and you are good to go!

02/03: Over at Bond HQ, MI6 reports that Omega has created the Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M that was inspired by Bond’s coat-of-arms. This is a limited run watch of only 15,007 – got to love those last three digits! 

02/05: A new spy show premiered on NBC called Allegiance – who saw it?? Here’s what The Atlantic’s Spencer Kornhaber had to say about the series that blends the role of mom with female spy.

02/07: Locals in Rome expressed real concern over the state of decay their city is in – graffiti, garbage and general state of being run down. In fact, Rome has been ranked as one of the dirtiest European destination in recent years. Some have expressed hoping the crew will shoot at night to hide the dirt and grim. 

Romans express concern that their city is not ready to host Spectre cast and crew

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