Saturday, April 18, 2015

What Bond locale was originally known as Hog Island? ….Day 108 of Bond 365

Huntington Hartford, right (Wiki)
Huntington Hartford
Born this day in 1911
Paradise Island Sequence in Thunderball and Casino Royale (2006)

I thought I was on the wrong page when looking up Huntington Hartford, however he was the owner of Paradise Island. Originally named Hog Island, Hartford bought the island located in the Bahamas in 1959. It was his hope to turn into a Monte Carlo of the west and featured a re-assembled cloister from a 14th century French monastery.

The island was used in two Bond films: Thunderball and more recently in Casino Royale. From the pictures I found on the Internet, it looks to be a very beautiful place. It’s a small island yet manages to have both modern – Atlantis resort – and almost untouched beaches.

14th century French cloister on Paradise Island

Paradise Island, aerial

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