Saturday, April 4, 2015

Musical Notes of Monty Norman….Day 95 of Bond 365

I have been attending Wondercon this weekend and today has been a tough one. I attended five panels and have just completed writing up two of them for Bleeding Cool, the online popular culture group that I contribute to on a regular basis. In addition, I had been preparing a presentation on Garth Ennis’ comic book series Caliban yesterday afternoon. I’ve been putting in some long hours, so try as I might, I could not quite get ahead of the posts for today and tomorrow. So, I’m going to be brief and include a video link and leave it at that. Tomorrow will be easier since I’m be home earlier, so more content tomorrow.

Monty Norman
Born this day in 1928
Composer of the James Bond Theme

The theme is timeless and epic. The guitar work, the echoing of the horns - everything just comes together into an energetic piece of music....

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