Sunday, April 12, 2015

Two Johns Born This Day in Bond History….Day 103 of Bond 365

John Jordan
Born this day in 1925
Aerial Unit Camerman in You Only Live Twice and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

I can truthfully write that John Jordan gave limb and life to his career. He started out as a camera operator in 1949 on the film The Strangers Came and from there, worked on films as focus puller and aerial camera work. While doing aerial filming in You Only Live Twice, his leg was cut badly enough when another helicopter, caught in a gust, was blown close to him. His leg was amputated.

For On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Jordan developed a special harness for capturing aerial shots in the snow covered mountains and the various action sequences. It explains why there were so many incredible aerial shots during that movie. In 1970, Jordan was filming on Catch-22 and he met with a fatal accident in which he was sucked out of the plane he was in.

Here's the trailer for OHMSS which includes some aerial and action sequences that Jordan probably worked on: 

Johnny Miller
Born this day in 1935
Gunman in Diamonds Are Forever
Stuntman in Diamonds Are Forever

Johnny Miller had a dual career as actor and stunts. He seemed to do more stunt work than acting, but in both cases, his career started on the set of Diamonds Are Forever. However, his work was sporadic with five stunt credits and two actor credits.

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