Sunday, April 19, 2015

Locke, Stale Bubble Gum and Moonraker Cards

Happy Sunday evening! Today in Bond history, Philip Locke who played Vargas in Thunderball passed away this day 2004. You may remember I did a blog post last month since Locke celebrated his birthday on March 29. Since that entry was fairly close to today’s entry, pulled out a recent acquisition to share.

This year at Wondercon, there were several vendors selling curios of yesteryear, including Hotwheel cars, movie posters and yes, collector’s cards. So, I bring you a vintage package of Moonraker cards unopened (front and back):

I am curious what the sticker cost was originally and I even tried to pry off the recent sticker to no avail. Oh well....

The top card was the maniacal villain of the film, Drax:

Sadly, the bubble gum has seen better days. My test subject (my boyfriend) said the gum tasted awful and it was almost as hard as a rock. I tried breaking one of the pieces, which snapped when I did so:

The package came with ten cards (I had two duplicates), a sticker card, and of course the decaying bubble gum:

The backsides of most of my cards were of a mystery image or two. It looked like there were a couple of images, based on the border colors, red and yellow. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough to go on to make out exactly what the images were.

And here are some close-up shots of the two cards that did have narratives on the back.

And, ta-da, the sticker of Mr. James Bond himself (Sir Roger Moore):

I hope you enjoyed the reveal as much as I did!

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