Friday, March 20, 2015

Wilde About First Day of Spring….Day 79 of Bond 365

It’s Friday and it’s the first day of Spring! Living in SoCal, springtime has already sprung and some days felt almost summery. Anyway, it has been an intense week at the day job, so I feel like I earned my weekend. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and do stop back by at some point and catch with Bond 365.

Brian Wilde (center)
Brian Wilde
Passed away this day in 2008
First Policeman in You Only Live Twice

Bond alum Brian Wilde’s career was probably not defined by his portrayal of an uncredited role in the 1967 You Only Live Twice as the first policeman, however he did have a long career acting on film and British television. He started out in 1952 and finished up in 1997 with 131 acting credits to his name. He was known for being able to deliver convoluted dialogue with ease. I watched clips of his work in one of his most notable roles, Foggy Dewhurst, in the series Last of the Summer Wine. As expected, he exuded that wonderful dry wit that the British are known for that I quite enjoy.

According to IMDB, he had a bad fall and unfortunately did not recover from. Seven weeks later, he passed away in his sleep.

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