Sunday, March 15, 2015

My oh Mollie Peters and Don Wolz…..Day 74 of Bond 365

Happy Sunday and welcome to Bond 365 where each day I post about Bond related events, typically marking birthdays or passings, of Bond alums. Today, I’ve got two individuals from the early days of Bond films, special effects artist Don Wolz, and model Mollie Peters, who had a brief acting career. In addition, I’ve added some Bond news links at the end, just in case you haven’t been keeping up with Bond this past week.

From the set of Diamonds Are Forever
Don Wolz
Born this day in 1915
Special Effects for Diamonds Are Forever

Originally from Denver, Colorado, Don Wolz worked on less than a dozen films from 1958 through 1977. In all of the films, his work on special effects went uncredited, so perhaps there were other projects he worked on that have not been recorded.

Terence Young, Mollie Peters and Sean Connery
Mollie Peters
Born this day in 1942
Patricia Fearing in Thunderball

Mollie Peters was an English blonde bombshell who was a model and had a fleeting acting career, apparently due to a falling out with her agent. Probably her most memorable role was as Patricia Fearing, a nurse/masseuse at the Shrubland Health Club in Thunderball. She was discovered by Terence Young and has the distinction of being the first Bond Girl to remove her clothing onscreen. She was featured in the November 1965 issue of Playboy as part of “James Bond’s Girls,” a pictorial essay by Richard Maibaum.

And, now some Bond news:

03/15 – The Telegraph has a slide show of photographs from the various Spectre sets.

03/15 – Wales misses opportunity to host James Bond in iconic Welsh building, and the assembly members were apparently not consulted according to BBC News.

03/15 – Apparently, a country’s reputation costs in the neighborhood of $20M. Mexico is offering Eon Productions up to that amount to have Mexico portrayed in a positive light in the upcoming Spectre. They have asked that Mexico’s modern cityscape be featured in the shots, that the villain is not Mexican, and that a Mexican actress be cast as a Bond Girl….

Beauty Stephanie Sigman has been added to Spectre cast

03/10 - ….Mexican actress Stephanie Sigman was added to the Spectre cast as a Bond Girl according to Variety. She is the first Mexican Bond Girl in the film franchise’s history. She may be familiar to you: she has appeared in “The Bridge” and “Narcos.”

Daniel Craig, wild for Comic Relief

03/13 – Daniel Craig and other Bond cast and alums have stepped up to support Comic Relief, a seven-hour show. According to the MI6 article, if you are in the UK, you’ll have access to it on BBC iPlayer, found just a little under two hours into the programming.

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