Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Rosie and the Spy Writer…..Day 62 of Bond 365

Lots going on this week in my world, so I’m happy that I’m almost half way through the week. I’m already thinking of a sleep in late on the weekend – maybe an entire day spent in pajamas. Well, maybe not, but I’m sure not going to say no to some extra sleep.

Yvan Chiffre
Yvan Chiffre
Born this day in 1936
Stunt Coordinator in Thunderball

Yvan Chiffre was a jack-of-all-trades in the industry: acting, writing, directing, producing, art department, and stunts. I took note that he wrote the scenario and directed one particular spy film in 1975 called From Hong Kong with Love that I have come across before and would like to see.

From the synopsis, the Queen has been kidnapped and the British must ask the French for assistance because their secret agent (read: James Bond) is dead. Most of the cast was unfamiliar until I scanned further down the list, finding Mickey Rooney’s name. I kept going down the list and would you believe that there were three Bond alums? Yep, Bernard Lee, Lois Maxwell and Clifton James! There may have been others, but those names were instantly recognizable!

Gloria Hendry
Gloria Hendry
Born this day in 1949
Rosie in Live and Let Die

According to IMDB, Gloria Hendry is Seminole Indian, Chinese, Creek Indian, Irish, and African, and she was first African-American woman to be romantically involved with James Bond. Her career in acting began in 1968 as a Cocktail Waitress in For Love of Ivy starring Sidney Poitier. Her most recent role was on Freaky Deaky (2012) as Sgt. Maureen Downey. She seems to have a mix of film and guest appearances (one episode) on a number of television series in the intervening years. In all, she has 26 acting credits to her name.

I met Ms. Hendry at the Hollywood Collector’s Show in Los Angeles a couple of years ago in which I was able to have her autograph a lovely still of her and Roger Moore from Live and Let Die. She was friendly, engaging, and elegant – she was a striking beauty. As I recall, we chatted about her role as Rosie and playing opposite Moore.

Post Script – You may have noticed there was no news round up this week. After a very busy weekend and a lengthy post last night, I decided to forego the weekly news list. Not to worry, it will be back next week.

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