Tuesday, March 24, 2015

LootCrate: “Covert” Month of March

Last week, I ordered my very first Loot Crate. I had not heard of the Loot Crate until now. It came onto my radar because the theme for March was “Covert” and well that seemed perfect for a Spyfi fan like me.

Today my crate arrived. The inconspicuous and unassuming little black box was in my mailbox and I was excited to see what loot my covert crate had in store for me. I felt like Indiana Jones before the Ark of the Covenant – that moment of sheer delight and possible epic disappointment.

I slit the tape and slowly opened the box….

And, bam! A t-shirt with our favorite spy, well sad spy, because his martini had been stirred, not shaken. Already, that t-shirt made the cost of the Loot Crate (around $20) worth it since specialty themed t-shirts run about that. I was definitely going to have fun wearing the t-shirt at all those cons I attend throughout the year! I also like the keyboard design, especially with the confirmed fingerprint in the lower right hand corner.

The Loot Crate button for the month, which I understand is quite the collectible. The button had nice spy oriented gadgets. I want to put it on my bag, but I also would be bummed if I lost it. Such a dilemma: to wear or not to wear?!

The Field Agent Blink Time Wrist Watch appears to have been an exclusive in fifty of the boxes, so I was one of the lucky 50! By touching the surface of the rubberized watch face, the time would appear and then disappear again. In the brochure, the watch was illustrated by a person wearing a tuxedo – another nice nod to Bond.

The orange and black bracelet was a little confusing to me. However, the brochure lists it as a Paracord Survival Bracelet made of “military grade parachute cord” that can be unfolded and used in case of an emergency – like scaling into a Ken Adam villainous lair? Oh yeah!

So, I haven’t watched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D but this is a replica badge that comes with a lanyard. The booklet that came with it lists the badge as an official prop replica and has a picture of Patton Oswalt, so that’s cool!

No covert operation can go well without a field notes notebook to jot down those important secretive observations. Bummer there was no pen included in the Loot Crate. A missed opportunity to have a pen with disappearing ink! 

An agent involved in a covert mission can expect some periods of time in which boning up on the English language can provide some light hearted relief. Mad Libs from Penguin Books is just the ticket. This will be fun when standing in a long queue waiting to get into WonderCon next week!

The Covert brochure matches nicely with the Loot Crate button. Along with descriptions of the items in the box, there were a few articles, including one on “Silver Screen Spies” written by Josiah Motley. Keep those nods to Bond coming!

Now, I didn’t open it, but a sealed IDW Orphan Black Issue #1 exclusive to Loot Crate was included. In addition, there was a Valiant digital download for Ninjak #1. I got some reading to do!

And, lastly, the entire Loot Crate loot representing “Covert”. I seriously think once I've got my covert kit equipped, along with my Spy Gear accessories (a future blog post), I think I'm ready for the field! 

Okay, maybe not, but I'm definitely a happy spyfi fan and a Loot Crate fan as well….I wonder what the theme for April will be?

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