Sunday, March 8, 2015

My Top 10 Bond Musings

I haven’t found an event for today so, it is an anything goes kind of day in which I’ll list Bond related thoughts. Maybe something will strike a chord and solicit some interest via a comment.

My list of musings on Bond and Bond’s influence on pop culture:

One of my favorite Bond inspired songs is “Millennium” by Robbie Williams from the album The Ego Has Landed.


I would have liked if Queen had done a theme song for a Bond film that captured the spirit of the themes from the 1960s. 

If I was asked to write an official Bond novel, I would set the story in the orient during the late 1950s or in the 1970s, which I feel was undermined the less serious Bond films of that era.

I would bring Jeffrey Wright back as Felix Leiter. And, I would say bring back Giancarlo Giannini as Rene Mathis, but I know that can only happen in flashback. 

Nathan Fillon channels Bond

Best celebrity Bond nod: Nathan Fillon.

I would like to see Bond return to Egypt and India.

Most over utilized gadget: the smart phone. I would like to see more creative ingenuity with the gadgets that's clever and cutting edge.

Rachel Weisz as Bond's Girl
I think Rachel Weisz would be a superb Bond girl and her profession? Perhaps a journalist. 

One of my favorite Fleming short stories: “The Property of a Lady” because the story reminds me of a Faberge exhibition I once visited while in Scotland, and I find auctions rather exciting.

Villain I would have liked to have seen in a Bond film: Rutger Hauer circa 1980s. 

Rutger Hauer as Bond's intellectual equal or superior

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