Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Linder as Leiter and a New Bond Book Is Out….Day 69 of Bond 365

Happy Tuesday Bond aficionados! I received a couple of books in the mail today and one is Bond oriented and worth a mention. 

Goldeneye Where Bond Was Born: Ian Fleming’s Jamaica by Matthew Parker (2015, Pegasus Books) was recently published. I was anxious for this because in the news recently have been articles about Bond oriented tours to Jamaica. 

There are several quotes listed on the back of the book. This one from The Financial Times seems succinct: “A superb account of Fleming’s Jamaica. Well researched, excellently written. Without Jamaica, it is safe to say, there would have been no Agent 007.” The book has 388 pages where the chapters segmented by year designations and includes endnotes, picture and quote credits, selected bibliography, and a 20-page index. There are several in-text photos as well as an 8-page section of color photographs.

Cec Linder, scene from Goldfinger
Cec Linder
Born this day in 1921
Felix Leiter in Goldfinger

Cec Linder was born in Poland, but grew up in Canada. Because of his Canadian accent, he was able to fill television roles in America, Canada, and the UK (the American roles). He got his start as Peter Ames #2 in the television series The Secret Storm in 1954. His last credited role was in Street Legal in which he had two roles: Gerald Rose and Judge Keil. However, he is most recognized for playing Felix Leiter in Goldfinger (1964) and as Dr. Matthew Roney in a television mini-series from 1958 -1959 called Quatermass and the Pit.

I found a YouTube video that recaps all of the actors to fill the shoes of Felix Leiter. I’ll admit, there were a couple I did not remember….

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