Monday, March 30, 2015

Stutter to Spectre Number 11….Day 89 of Bond 365

Murray Kash
Passed away this day 2009
Spectre Number 11 in Thunderball

Murray Kash was born in Toronto Canada to a Polish-Jewish family in 1923. He was inflected with a childhood stutter and became interested in acting. He earned a degree in social sciences from the University of Toronto. After marrying Libby Morris, he started attending Banff School of Fine Arts, then Academy of Radio and TV Arts. (Interestingly, his headmaster was Lorne Greene, who starred as Ben Cartwright in Bonanza then as Commander Adama in the original Battlestar Galactica series during the 1980s.) Kash’s first role was on the television series Tales of Adventure in 1952.

He and his wife moved to Britain, where Kash joined an acting repertory in Southsea, Hampshire. Kash was often cast as an American. In Thunderball, Kash was a Spectre agent, who was suspected of embezzling. With his acting career underway, Kash became involved in BBC Light Programme in which he promoted country and western music. He coordinated festivals and in 1981, he published a book of country music biographies titled Murray Kash’s Book of Country. Kash appearance as Herb Krauss in The Boy Who Won the Pools was his last tv series in 1983. Eventually he and his wife returned to Canada where he gave voice lessons.

Murray Kash

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