Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mellinger Makes Second Appearance, Part II….Day 150 of Bond 365

Bit of a quick entry today due to prepping for a podcast to discuss H.P. Lovecraft’s The Cats of Ulthar that took place late this morning, and I’m headed to Los Angeles for a neofolk/pop performance at one of the small intimate venues in North Hollywood this evening. Have a good Saturday!

Michael Mellinger
Born this day in 1929
Kisch in Goldfinger

Kisch (Michael Mellinger) is one of the last henchmen of Auric Goldfinger to meet his death in the third James Bond film, Goldfinger (1964). Early on Kisch tranquillizes Bond per Goldfinger’s request. Later on, Kisch gasses the members of the Mafia after Goldfinger reveals his grand plan, Operation Grandslam. During the climatic fight scenes inside of Fort Knox, Kisch finds himself locked in the vault with Bond, Oddjob and a bomb. He panics and while trying to defuse the bomb, Oddjob grabs him and throws him over the railing. Kisch falls to his death.

Mellinger featured back on March 17 – read more about the man behind Kisch here.

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