Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bond Alums Robert Huke and Joe Robinson…Day 151 of Bond 365

Robert Huke
Born this day in 1920
Second Unit Cameraman in You Only Live Twice

Robert Huke, or Nigel C. Huke as he sometimes used, worked in the industry as a cinematographer, as part of the camera department, and a couple of times as an actor. I wasn’t familiar with much of Huke’s work except for Battle of Britain (1969) in which he was the DP of the second unit, Ryan’s Daughter (1970) in which he was a second unit camera operator, and Shanghai Surprise (1986) as a camera operator.

Robinson and Connery (007 Magazine)
Joe Robinson
Born this day in 1927
Peter Franks in Diamonds Are Forever

Joseph William Robinson Harle was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. His father and grandfather were world champion wrestlers and Joe Jr. followed the same path. Robinson won the European Heavyweight Championship in 1952. He also was interested in acting and studied at RADA. After sustaining a back injury while wrestling, Robinson turned his attention to acting.

In 1960, Robinson followed other muscular actors to Rome where he appeared in the sweeping Italian epics, often peplums. With his younger brother Doug, they worked as stuntmen on several films. They worked together with Honor Blackman, who put out a book on self-defence in 1965. Robinson eventually retired to Brighton.

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