Monday, May 11, 2015

Double L: Lee Hsu and Le Mesurier…Day 131 of Bond 365

C. Le Mesurier
Born this day in 1914
Sound Recordist for From Russia With Love

He was born Colin Francis Le Messurier in Essex, but went by C. Le Mesurier. He got his start as part of the dubbing crew (uncredited of course) for Maniacs on Wheels (1949), starring Dirk Bogarde as Bill Fox, a blue-collar factory worker who becomes a successful motorcycle racer.

Diana Lee Hsu
Le Mesurier had 33 sound department credits, with his project on the film Zeppelin in 1971. I can only assume that he retired from the industry since his passing was over 20 years later, in 1995.

Diana Lee Hsu
Born this day in 1961
Loti in Licence to Kill

Seattle native Diana Lee Hsu was no stranger to the limelight: She ran track and was on her high school’s gymnastics team. She was also an accomplished musician who performed Mozart with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra. Hsu earned a bachelor’s degree in modern dance and became a Playboy Playmate for May 1988. She did several Playboy videos and got her first acting break as Loti in Licence to Kill (1989), a Hong Kong narcotic agent, partnered with Kwang, played by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Mortal Kombat).

Bond Trivia: She was one of the silhouette dancers in the opening sequence of Licence to Kill.

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