Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Happy Birthday Mr. Deaver…Day 126 of Bond 365

Jeffery Deaver
Born this day in 1950
Author of Carte Blanche

American writer Jeffery Deaver got his start in journalism. He earned a law degree and practiced law but his path eventually led him to write fiction – mystery/crime, which should not come as a surprise given his legal background.

He has written stand-alone novels as well as four ongoing series: Rune Trilogy, John Pellam (Location Scout series), Lincoln Rhyme, and Kathryn Dance. The last two series cross-pollinate each other via the main characters.

Deaver’s novels have been on the bestseller lists and his novels have earned him several accolades:

Steel Dagger Award
Short Story Dagger Award
Nero Wolfe Award
Ellery Queen Reader’s Award, Best Short Story of the Year (three times!)
British Thumping Good Read Award

Deaver’s achievements may have been the impetus for Ian Fleming Publications to invite him to write the 37th James Bond novel that was set in contemporary times; 2011, the same year the book would be released. Deaver followed Raymond Benson as the second American writer to write an official Bond book. Deaver’s Carte Blanche followed three years after Sebastian Faulks’ Devil May Care (2008) and was prior to William Boyd’s Solo (2013).

As mentioned above, the timeframe of the story was 2011 and was set primarily in Dubai. It was the first literary Bond reboot, meaning that Fleming’s Bond was re-imagined: he was born in 1979 and a veteran of Afghanistan rather than World War II. I picked up a copy recently, but haven’t started reading it yet. I am kind of bummed because this is a very cool cover whereas I have the plain black cover with 007 in bold red lettering. 

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