Sunday, August 2, 2015

Bond and Hammer Glamour Girl, Madeline Smith….Day 214 of Bond 365

Madeline Smith
Born this day in 1949
Miss Caruso (aka Beautiful Girl) in Live and Let Die

The zipper on her dress may not have been a challenge for James Bond’s magnetic watch in the post-title sequence of Live and Let Die (1973), but it is one of the more memorable scenes. That beautiful Italian agent was played by Madeline Smith, who was born in Hartfield, County of Sussex.

“The most irritating thing is when people assume that because you have a large bosom, you’re going to be vapid and silly. I fail to see what glands have got to do with brains,” Smith is quoted as having said in her IMDB bio. Her breasts may have been a mixed blessing in her mind, but Smith did go on to a career in modeling during the latter part of the 1960s and into the 1970s. And, she was a regular with Hammer Film Productions around the same time frame.

She worked with Roger Moore on an episode of The Persuaders! and it was Moore who recommended Smith for the role of Miss Caruso. Smith continued in film and television, making a return to acting briefly in 2011 after a long hiatus.

Here is an interview with Smith at BBC News in which she talks about her involvement with the gorgeous picture book, Hammer Glamour (2009, Titan Books) by Marcus Hearn, and which featured Smith on the cover.

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