Friday, August 28, 2015

Advertisements al a James Bond….Day 240 of Bond 365

Back in 1978, the world witnessed the passing of Robert Shaw. Since I featured Shaw earlier this month, I figured I could direct you to that day’s entry here and then go in a bit of a different direction with Bond 365 today.

Trying to beat the muggy heat of Southern California this evening and ignore the poolside chatter of kids playing “Marco Polo” for some reason my mind drifted to the concept of advertisements. In particular, I was curious about advertisements that featured James Bond.

Sean Connery

James Bond has been known for many things, including his choice of alcohol. In this case, it was Connery and Jim Beam.

George Lazenby

Here’s a Marlboro advertisement, which directly lifted scenes from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

And, let’s not forget the prominent product placement of Playboy as James Bond waited for his documents to finish being mimeographed.

Roger Moore

I found a couple of interesting advertisements featuring Moore. The Compomotive one provided a Bond movie plug.

Timothy Dalton

It was difficult to find any advertisements featuring Dalton as Bond. I finally found Lark cigarettes and an ad I’m guessing that ran in Asia.

Pierce Brosnan

The Omega watch ads were slick. I found this nice one of Brosnan, however finding ads of him, Dalton and Lazenby was challenging. I figured Dalton and Lazenby was on account of playing Bond the least of the group of actors, but it could be more about what was available/not available on the internet, or perhaps it was contractually based. 

Daniel Craig

The current face of James Bond, Daniel Craig also advertised Omega watches. Fascinating to see the different mood and tone of Brosnan’s (relaxed) vs. Craig’s (vigilant).

Although a silhouette, the likeness is Craig for Coca Cola Zero – he is cognizant of his calorie intake.

I love this advertisement for British tourism – all the symbols that consumers would recognize as uniquely Britain....I want to live like Bond - well, maybe more like, can I have the car? 


Yes, you! You know you want to smell like 007, hopefully just after a shower but not after a long intro scene leading up to the opening credits!

And lastly, an advertisement that didn’t need James Bond or anyone for that matter…

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