Thursday, August 20, 2015

Blond Beauty’s Birthday – Mary Stavin…Day 232 of Bond 365

Stavin in the 80s! 
Mary Stavin
Born this day in 1957
Octopussy Girl in Octopussy
Kimberley Jones in A View to a Kill

Mary Ann Catrin Stavin was born in Orebro, Sweden and with her beauty, she found her way into beauty competitions. At the age of 20, she became Miss World. One would think that she moved right into acting as other models had, but instead Stavin became in involved in music.

Stavin released “Feeling Good, Being Bad/Headline News” in 1979. And into the 80s, she was featured on two Adam Ant videos: “Ant Rap” and “Strip.” She also appeared in an exercise video with English footballer, George Best. Stavin was romantically involved with Best, who had a ladies-man reputation.

In 1983, Stavin was cast as an Octopussy Girl in Octopussy and then two years later, she was cast as agent Kimberley Jones in A View to a Kill. In both, Sir Roger Moore played James Bond. Afterwards, Stavin went on to do television and films, with her last role back in 2005 as Inga Jones in the short The Story of Bob. In all, Stavin as 20 acting credits according to IMDB.

I had the honor of meeting Miss Stavin at a Bond Reunion held in Los Angeles at one of the Hollywood Collector’s Shows. I had just gotten my copy of The James Bond Archives book from Taschen. She signed one of the opening pages of A View to a Kill and we got to converse for a few minutes before the show got busy. Stavin was quite lovely and sweet and it was such a pleasure meeting her!

Love her smile! Mary Stavin as Kimberley Jones in A View to a Kill

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