Wednesday, September 2, 2015

James Bond Gets Sticky with Sticker Book….Day 245 of Bond 365

Last night, I attended the Indie Music Collaborative event in Glendale, California. It’s an event that brought musicians and spoken word speakers from the Los Angeles area (and beyond) together to showcase one of their current or past projects. In many cases, the individuals were performing to their peers in hopes of garnering their Grammy vote in the coming months. Others were seeking collaboration opportunities.

I was in awe of the creative talent in the room and the collaborative spirit. The mood and goodwill in the small indie theatre made me think of the East Coast theatre groups that would get together in barns or small quaint theatre houses to performed some contemporary play. The musical genres varied from jazz to classical to rock and show tunes. Some of the musicians were “showy” while others stuck to the basics, but all the performers did well, even the technology did not. In a couple of cases, singers just went ahead and sang without any music. Kudos to them! And it showed just how good they were.

The event was slated to run from 7 to 11 PM, but very quickly, the program schedule was derailed by performances that ran way over their allotted 4 minutes. While I enjoyed the event and met some real nice folks, I was pretty tired by the time the event ended, which was around 12:40 AM. I still had about an hour’s drive home, so as a result, today I have been running on about four hours of sleep.

Now to Bond 365 and sadly, I did not have a historical event for today, so I thought I would spotlight a new product that was announced on Monday. The Official James Bond 007 website posted DK’s Ultimate Sticker Collection featuring James Bond 007. Gracing the cover is Daniel Craig and inside aficionados will likely be tempted by the more than 1,000 Bond stickers. The book features all our favourite subjects: cars, villains and their lairs, gadgets, and weapons featured in the films of past and present. Amazon describes that young fans can “relive James Bond’s spectacular battles and sensational escapes” or create new adventures via the stickers.

Amazon UK is taking pre-orders for the book that will release on November 2, just in time for the release of Spectre a few days later in the US. DK Publishers is also taking pre-orders, which is helpful since Amazon US doesn’t seem to be taking pre-orders.

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited for the sticker book. I think it could be a fun curio to have in my collection of Bond books.

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