Thursday, July 2, 2015

Jay and Jack….Day 183 of Bond 365

I’m getting ready to head to Los Angeles, but I didn’t want to leave you without at least a quick peek into Bond history…

Jay Sarno, center (See more about Sarno here)
Jay Sarno
Born this day in 1922
Sideshow Barker in Diamonds Are Forever

I had to double check that I had the right person since the Jay Sarno I found was a business entrepreneur who founded Caesars Palace and Circus Circus in Las Vegas. It makes sense that he would have one film credit – in Diamonds Are Forever, which had some scenes in Sin City.

Sarno lived through the Great Depression as a child of a very poor family. That experience stayed with him and he was determined to make a better life for himself. Thanks to his eldest brother, Sarno was able to attend University of Missouri and earn a degree in business.

Through hardwork and meeting the right people, eventually Sarno opened Caesars Palace in 1966 and three years later, turned a healthy profit. Circus Circus was one of the first family oriented themed venues in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, the gas crisis of the early 70s impacted tourism.

In later life, Sarno became a business teacher to individuals who wanted to become hotel owners. And, on July 21, 1984, Sarno suffered a fatal heart attack at Caesars Palace, his former hotel. He was only 62.

Jack Gwillim
Passed away this day in 2001
Senior RAF Staff Officer in Thunderball

Jack William Frederick Gwillim was born in Canterbury, England back in 1909. He had that kind of face – a character’s face just waiting to fill the shoes of some Greek god or bellow Shakespearean dialogue from the London stage. Well, he did that and more. Gwillim served in the Royal Navy and became a boxer and rugby player.

After his discharge from service, Gwillim turned to acting, working on stage as well as the small and silver screens. His first role was as ‘Father’ on the tv series Life with Father (1953). Since I recognized his face, I’ll call out a few roles I remember: ‘Club Secretary’ in Lawrence of Arabia (1962), ‘King Aeetes’ in Jason and the Argonauts (1963), ‘British Ambassador’ in Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die (1966), and ‘Poseidon’ in Clash of the Titans (1981).

Gwillim passed away in Los Angeles at the age of 91.

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