Saturday, July 4, 2015

American Guest Appears Again…Day 185 of Bond 365

I have been in Los Angeles today, attending Anime Expo and covering the event for Bleeding Cool. Hence, as with any con, the days end up long and at the end of the day, I’m trying to find energy to finish my tasks before calling it a day. As a consequence, today’s entry is quite short. Sorry for that..

Elliott Sullivan
Born this day in 1907
American Guest in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

This is Elliott Sullivan’s second appearance in Bond 365. The first time was on June 2nd to honor his passing. I was wondering if there was anything new I had learned from the prior post and well, there was an interesting link that I found.

Sullivan starred in a horror film called Vampyres (1974), the story of a lesbian vampire couple that entice passerbys into their manor and hold them captive for the purpose of drinking them dry, after playing with them. Sullivan played ‘American Man’ and Bessie Love played the ‘American Lady.’ I immediately remembered her name and sure enough, Love was an ‘American Guest’ in OHMSS. I thought it was a fun factoid that the pair played a couple in two films for not having been a real life couple as far as I could find.

 Sullivan and Love crossed paths in television twice. They played a couple on a television show, Public Eye in the episode ‘The Beater and the Game’ (1971) as Chrissy and Ed Husack. And, in Mousey (1974), Love played Mrs. Richardson while Sullivan played Harry. It goes to show just how small the world is sometimes.

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