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The ‘Rhodes’ Paved with Songs…Day 172 of Bond 365

Happy Sunday from Spyfi & Superspies! It’s been a full day of writing, research and walking six miles. I’m playing catch up on a handful of articles I owe to my popular culture outlets, so I was completing some research and writing up interview questions. In addition to the blog post below, I posted an entry over at my other blog site, Space Horror Films. I’ve posted the first part introducing a brief overview of the genre as well as my data set of movies I’ve been watching. Part II will go up next Sunday and in that entry, I’ll discuss the setting, aliens and tropes that make up the genre. I hope you’ll stop by.

Dr. No vinyl (Google Image)
Burt Rhodes
Passed away this day in 2003
Orchestrator for Dr. No

West Yorkshire born But Rhodes passed away in London at the age of 80. According to his biography at AllMusic, Rhodes played piano and the organ at a young age, but it wasn’t until after his military service concluded with World War II that he pursued a career in music. He gained real life experience by performing in nightclubs and bands and eventually he worked his way up into the role of bandleader.

Rhodes often played on many popular BBC radio programs and for some, he composed the show’s theme. Later, his appearances expanded to television shows and in theatre as a musical director. By 1966, he was the bandleader for The Talk of the Town, a London restaurant, where such musical guests included Judy Garland, Johnny Mathis, and Cliff Richard. He also worked in film and his most famous collaboration was with Monty Norman for Dr. No.

Here is a remastered release of The Seekers’ ‘Rattler’ performed at The Talk of the Town in the 1960s, orchestra led by Rhodes.

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