Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Actor Kristopher Kum Gave Helping Hand to Other Actors…Day 174 of Bond 365

Kristopher Kum (Aveleyman)
Kristopher Kum
Born this day in 1929
Control Room Technician in You Only Live Twice

Kristopher Kum was born in Singapore and got his start in acting by being cast as a Chinese chauffeur in the BBC television drama Parbottle Speaking (1962). That same year, he appeared in the six-episode thriller The River Flows East that aired on BBC. 

Kum was not stranger to spy shows and films. He made guest appearances on television shows Espionage (1963), The Saint (1965), Secret Agent (1967), Koroshi (1968), The Avengers (1969), The New Avengers (1977), and Spy! (1980). Kum was one of the few crossover actors from the Eon Productions’ James Bond films to the television franchise of Doctor Who in which Kum played Fu Peng opposite Jon Pertwee’s doctor in 1971. 

In addition to acting, Kum ran the Oriental Casting agency, which assisted Southeast Asian actors secure roles. His last role listed on his IMDB profile was in 1988 as Mr. Lee in crime drama Rockliffe’s Babies, a BBC television series. Kum passed away at the age of 84 in 2013.

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