Friday, May 3, 2013

A Villain Tamed By A Cat

Max von Sydow as Blofeld, Never Say Never Again (1983)
There once was villain
in charge of a dastardly organization 
by the name of S.P.E.C.T.R.E. 
He used to be bald or near
but with Never Say Never Again
his hair defied age 
and once more sat on his crown. 

Sitting on his lap
a fine white feline with 
bright eyes
purred with each stroke
his master did give. 

While the camera rolled
and the villain commanded 
from his throne
the kitty did knead his hand 
with haste
and the master was tamed
by the feline's affection. 

Tonight, after a rather busy week at work, I really wanted to find a gif file of the scene in Never Say Never Again in which Max von Sydow, as Ernst Stavro Blofeld, was holding the iconic white persian kitty while talking to his S.P.E.C.T.R.E. agents.

If viewers watch the scene closely, Blofeld sits down with the kitty tucked in his arms. As he addresses his associates, the kitty is obviously quite content in von Sydow's arms, because the kitty is very soon kneading his hand with vigor. The scene cuts to a wall video monitor across the room for a few moments, but when the camera returns to von Sydow, he is now holding the kitty's paws still, leading the viewer to wonder if the cat's affections were distracting to the actor (never!). As the scene wraps up, Blofeld gives the cat a loving squeeze as he leans down and appears to give the feline a kiss or at the very least, a nuzzle. It's a sweet moment; a softer side to von Sydow's Blofeld.

Seriously, the Persian steals the scene!
So, as I was writing and reviewing the scene in question, my technical savvy boyfriend figured out how to make a gif so thanks to him, I've got the gif above. Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Nice finding.
    But the cat is more treacherous than it seems. Indeed one of the deleted scenes in NSNA revealed that the cat had poisonous claws. One scene featured Blofeld dispatching one of his agent by poisoning her thanks to the cat claws. Another one at the end would have Bond appearing in front of SPECTER's Camera, surprising Blofeld whose surprise gesture would upset the cat, the latter scratching its master to death with his poisonous claws in return.
    Never trust a kitten ^^

    1. Thanks very much for your comment Ytterbium, because I was not aware of the deleted scenes. My DVD copy does not have the deleted scenes you spoke of and unfortunately, the Taschen's The James Bond Archives 007 book only mentions the deleted scenes in a brief photo caption. Is there a DVD or Blu Ray release out there that does carry the deleted scenes?

    2. Thanks for the kind words Michelle!
      Unfortunatly, I don't know much more than you about it. All there is left are a few pictures and a list of deleted scenes. Maybe the new audio commentary in the latest blue-ray edition would tell us more about it, and there is still the hope that some footages will one day resurface.
      Meanwhile, the cat does still indeed steal the scene ^^

  2. All of Blofeld's other cats are portrayed looking as a cruel extension of their master. I find it funny that this is a puffy cat that is just chillin'.

    The least menacing looking/acting cat of the series just happens to be the most deadliest.


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