Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bond. James Bond….Junior…

James Bond Jr. in comic book and cartoon formats
…Well, really James Bond’s nephew, if we are going to get technical. Anyway, this past week I received a package of the James Bond Jr. comics I ordered from an Ebay vendor. All nine are in very good condition, however I am missing issues 2, 11 and 12 of the twelve part series published by Marvel Comics in 1992. The comics’ released was coordinated with the cartoon version under the same name. James Jr even had his own logo: in silhouette, a man running while in the bulls eye of a sniper scope. The series was licensed by Eon Productions and United Artists.

A cursory look at the comics revealed some interesting facts. Two of the issues I had matched with the DVD’s episode list: The Beginning (Issue #1) and Dance of the Toreadors (Issues #5). The description on the DVD indicates that James Bond and his classmates – IQ, who is Q’s grandson and Gordo, Felix Leiter’s son – fight against SCUM or Saboteurs and Criminals United in Mayhem (kind of sounds fun doesn’t it?). Tracy Milbanks and Phoebe Farragut round out the regulars as love interest and infatuated classmate, respectively. There are some familiar villains, such as Jaws, Dr. No and Goldfinger, but also some new villains that include Captain Walker D. Plank, Baron Von Skarin and SCUM Lord. At issue #8, “007’s Intrepid Nephew…” was added above the James Bond Jr logo and title, so I’m curious why that statement was added part way through the comic book series.

Left to Right: Mr. Mitchell, Phoebe, Tracy, Tracy's uncle, James, IQ, and Gordo
The story titles incorporated the problem being faced by Bond for that issue, such as “Plunder Down Under” for a deep sea base, “Sure as Eggs is Eggs!” involves a plot to steal Faberge eggs, and “Absolute Zero” where Bond Jr and his classmates have to foil Dr. No while at a ski resort. One of  things that I wondered from watching some of the cartoon episodes and what I’m hoping the comics might elude to: what is James Bond Jr.’s motive for fighting SCUM villains? It appears that the villains know the nephew, but why should he be of any consequence? How does James Jr. manage to balance school and fighting the various masterminds around the world? Is he putting his uncle out of a job? I’m curious and hope that the comics will shed some light on the subject.

I haven’t started reading the comics yet, since I’m missing three issues. Although the stories stand alone, I prefer to read each issue in subsequent order. I’ll soon be rectifying my incomplete series with another shopping spree through Ebay. Then, I can follow up with a post covering the series as a whole. 


  1. Oh god, reading this post - I now have the theme song stuck in my head.

    Don't forget the very successful line of action figurines that came out with the cartoon (as was custom at the time). And Video games on both the NES and SNES. You think Bond proper was marketed well? Check out all the shizz-nit James Bond Jr. had!

    Of course the quality of the animation has not aged well at all. But that was the hegemony at the time - churn out the cartoon to support the other swag. GI Joe even looks bad compared to cartoons of today. And sigh... even the Ninja Turtles.

  2. The theme song to the cartoon is, unfortunately, very catchy and I have found myself humming it a time or two. I still think him saying "Bond. James Bond....Jr." is funny. I think each episode so far, the four I have watched, have James saying it.

    I'm not particularly fond of the cartoon style of the 1990s. I think it doesn't age well because of the technology, which is hard for any series that featured future oriented technology. Now, what really bugs me is that the cartoon made Dr. No green and Fu Manchu in appearance! I'm trying not to immediately think it's racially driven, but I am curious about it.

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  4. Hi Tom and thanks for stopping by. I've got a James Bond post in the planning stages for next month. Stop back by around the 23rd, or sooner if you just want to check out the rest...I love Craig in Casino Royale and still probably my favourite of his Bond film era..Did you buy the suit?


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