Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Inadvertent Nod To James Bond Twiggy Style

A photo posted to Reddit led one Spyfi & Superspies loyal reader  - thanks Nick! - to reach out to me when he noticed a Bond reference: 

Fashion icon Twiggy, wearing the “paper dress,” advertises pop icon 007 (Google Images Search)

Located on Twiggy’s right thigh is the partially obscured headline “….dressed for 007” that looks as though it might have been coverage of a James Bond film premiere. Immediately, I wondered if the 007 headline on Twiggy’s dress could be referring to Thunderball or You Only Live Twice, with UK releases occurring December 29, 1965 and June 12, 1967 respectively.

I am leaning towards You Only Live Twice as the referenced film for a few reasons. First, the time of year of the photo would have been more logically placed in the summertime. Going beyond the short sleeves and the clear looking skies, who would honestly wear paper (or cellulose fabric, paper-mache, or some other manufactured weave) that would likely been ruined by increment weather conditions? According to a quick wiki search on “paper dresses” the US began mass-producing this disposable fashion in 1966, which means London likely experienced a similar trend around the same time.  Online, a V&A fashion exhibition had four paper dresses spotlighted, all dating from 1967. In any case, that’s my guess.

I would be very interested to hear from anyone who knows anything more about the photo and the referenced 007 article. Just add a comment at the end of this post or drop me a line. 

For additional paper dress examples, peruse this Voices of East Anglia article that includes several advertisements for this short-lived (thank goodness!) fashion phenomena! 

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