Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It Was a Danger Zone at the Spyfi & Superspies Household

A highly anticipated package arrived today....

Cue Kenny Loggins The Danger Zone because our Archer Trading Cards for Seasons #1 – 4 and accompanying Archer binder came in the mail today!

...and inside, a box of Archer trading cards and the accompanying binder .

Several months ago, my boyfriend and I spied the trading card set in Previews, so we sought out our prior comic book store guy, Richard, to see if he could order us a box and a binder since we didn’t have any connections in Orange. Going through Richard, we were pretty much assured to have our ordered filled and true to his word, he did not let us down. He even shipped our goodies all the way from Washington State. A huge Spyfi & Superspies thank you goes out to Richard!

I think Romeo was trying to figure out if it was some new food.
His look seems to indicate he is hoping not. 

Ashes was just happy to have the box, which afforded him a front row seat to the activities. 

Twenty-four lovely packets of trading cards just waiting for us to tear into them! 

With box and packaging cast aside where one of our cats quickly took up residence, much to the chagrin of our other two boys, we divvied up the 24 packets into two sets of 12. Wondering if we would get any autographs or sketch cards, we took turns opening up each packet. The beau found the first incentive card, an autograph card from Mr. James Hong, who we have had the pleasure of meeting at one of the Hollywood Collector’s Shows in the past couple of years (he signed my laserdisc of Blade Runner!). We sighed with relief with the first of hopefully a few more incentive cards in our box.

Irma Ahmed's "Lana" sketch card and James Hong autograph card bookend our incentive cards - not too shabby! 

My anal retentive side was trying to organize the cards numerically from the start, but in the end, I gave up and reverted to grouped stacked to be sorted after we unwrapped the 24 packets of 120 cards in total. As we read each one, some we recognized and got a good chuckle since we had a point of reference (we have watched season one so far), while others revealed just how zany the Archer group truly was the first four seasons.

The regular set of trading cards representing the first four seasons of the hit show

Too soon, we were through all of our packets. I spread out each card in numerical order  (finally!) so we could take a good look through each card again. The abundance of nudity should not have been surprising, but it still was. The sexual innuendoes were plentiful – some down right “roll your eyes” and groan type – and of course there were several spy references! In the end, we had our one complete set of regular cards (73 if you count the checklist card), 8 lovely incentive cards, and about 40 duplicate regular cards.

Of all of them, here are a handful of cards that stuck out for me.

Top Row: #01 and #18 - Middle Row: #20 and #26 - Bottom Row: #19 and #38

#01 Sterling Archer, Codename Duchess
“Known from Berlin to Bangkok as the world’s most dangerous spy.” – Crenshaw
For a totally dysfunctional spy with a lot of hangups, Sterling is really smoking as a spy. This was definitely done with the ladies in mind!

#18 La Vendetta
“Che tipo davvero. Cazzo fascista.” – Malory
Jessica Walker rocks as the voice of Malory and I still remember her in a little movie called Play Misty for Me with a young Clint Eastwood as a radio station D.J. who must deal with possessive fan (Walker). If you haven’t seen it, check it out. Anyway, Malory wears noir quite well!

#20 A Huge History Together
“Sorry that took so long, and that I’m accidentally inside you.” – Barry
I LOVE the nod made to Goldfinger and all that is implied. Pretty good episode too!

#26 Get Some, You Sons of Bitches!
“My problem, Lana, is that you just Bonnie and Clyded my starting middies!” – Archer
Honestly, I think Lana looks badass here and reminds me of so many of the men’s adventure movies of the 80s looking all tough and roughed with their big guns!

#19 The Danger Zone
“And those were his last words, right before he bled to death on the rug.” – Lana
Yeah, I admit it. I picked it specifically for the nod to Kenny Loggins, which was still looping in the background.

#38 Fight Club
“And sorry about your homie, homies.” – Pam
Initially, I did not appreciate Pam, but she has grown on me. I chuckle to “Holy shitsnacks!” I cannot tell a lie. She embodies unique....

And there you have it, the Archer Trading Cards for Seasons #1 – 4. I think it was worth the money – we definitely had a couple of hours of fun unwrapping them and looking through them all – and already the beau is scouring eBay for the rest of the incentive cards to make our set nearer to completion.

Watch out for the Danger Zone! 

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  1. Thankfully, the cards were not too badly physical incarnations of spoilers. We've only seen season 1 of archer (season 2 is sitting on the chest, but Person of Interest calls!).

    I like the Lana sketch, but I know there are better and prettier ones out there.

    Oh, the thrill of getting an unopened box of cards and tearing into them. How I wish I still played Magic the Gathering. It's also awesome to have a binder ready to pop these all in. Additional 35 sheets to add to it only 5 bucks more - not too shabby!

    Too bad these are the small cards. Breyghent did those scifi horror cards years and eyars ago that were HUGE! A binder page could only hold 4, not 9. But it was worth it to see all the poster's detail. Wish more cards were that big.


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